Rock the Ground!

sto nino

I am partly up dreaming of the first day and the first time.  While pondering on those cherished and meaningful memories and recalling the sequences of my dream, I  heard my aunt downstairs yelling.  She was really in a panic!  I felt the shaking upstairs while lying on the bed, I am not dreaming.  Was there a giant shaking our house?  Hey, that was no joke and my aunt with my cousin carrying her baby rushed outside.  As I ran downstairs, the rocking of the ground went on and I was totally shocked with the situation and so blurred with was happening.

Yeah, earthquake hit my place and it was my first time experiencing such high intensity.  We communicated with our other cousins.  One of them who was reviewing at the heart of the city sent SMS that she ran outside for the glasses on the vicinity broke.  Few minutes later, my mama arrived  catching her breath.  She told us the news that on her way, there was a woman who fainted.  Then, she was grateful that her friend called and they talked for a long time.  Thus, she skipped going to the market.  If not, she would have the worst experience for there were speculations of damages and wounded casualties happening in the area.

It was noted as the strongest earthquake that the ever hit Cebu.  And the shocking part was the damaged of the city’s old church home of the miraculous relic of the infant Jesus, Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño. (source:

sto nino2

image source:

cebu more damage


Some of the affected areas in Cebu were buildings and historical landmarks particularly the Basílica Minore del Santo Niño, one of the oldest church established in the Philippines. The present building was reconstructed and finished on 1739 or 1740, the Church was declared as a National Historical Landmark in 1941. The bell tower of the church collapsed and was heavily damaged.

Buildings that were damaged by the 7.2 earthquakes includes the Cebu Doctors University Building, the Central Technological University, GMC building, Gaisano Country Mall, Cebu Institute of Technology building, and other well-known structures in the City of Cebu.

source: ‘Cebu City 7.2 Earthquake Damage Captured in Photos’ by Ed Umbao on October 15, 2013;



eartquake 2013

Photo: A crowd gathers in the evacuation area in Cebu, Philippines after 7.2 earthquake –

cebu city university

OMG! My what happened to my Alma mater?

source: Cebu Institute of Technology University (Photo:  Maan Cajipe);



[“20 dead as magnitude-7.1 earthquake hits the Philippines” by Lateef Mungin, CNN; October 15, 2013 — Updated 0548 GMT (1348 HKT)]

Earthquake Advisory October 15, 2013

 7.2 Magnitude earthquake rocks visayas. EPICENTER: 2km South of Carmen, Bohol.

2013-10-15 08:13:00 UTC+08:00
Location 9.800°N 124.200°E
Depth 33.0km


read more: 4 killed in Cebu as 7.2 quake strikes off Bohol

church in bohol

not only cebu, but also in bohol (i have been in this 400 hundred year old church in bohol). source:


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