Dream Stealers


Everybody wants to see me but I never exerted any effort to meet anyone.  I miss everyone and I love them for they’re always part of my life.  Nonetheless, no matter how I choose to hide, those people who value me so much will always find me not to ask for something or gifts but to check how I am after long years of absence.  My uncle gave me a call and most of my cousins want to talk and see me.  Here, he was, my favorite among all my cousins who paid me a visit.  He really find time to visit even if he is residing far from my place.

Well, the good thing about this cousin of mine, and the reasons I love him so much are because of the things he do in life not caring how others perceived it.  He doesn’t ask something with what I don’t want to share or what goes wrong, or force me to say something awkward…  He just came over to see me and we had an inspirational conversation that involved Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, and those people who are successful in the business world.  He is aware that I am open to the idea of business and I suggest to him of strategies of how to go about it.  He convinced me to change my mind-set as well….

Yeah, I am never a loser even if I failed.

Will I let the rejections and my bad timing pull me down?  I failed and I kept on failing.  All my plans didn’t work accordingly on how I wanted it… I lose but I am NEVER THE LOSER!


I am blinded with fears and I even tossed away my optimistic and persevering characteristics of how my father raised me.  Other kids spent their holidays playing and going other places; however, for me and my siblings we needed to compete who would get the highest sales in the products we chose to sale.  Papa would give us money as capital to buy anything we wanted to sell and the profit would be ours.   Among my siblings, I am the one with less profit and Papa would constantly reminded me that in business you could earn a lot.   He taught me to establish healthy competition among my siblings and showed me that I could find a way to double the money he gave me.

I remembered when I met you, I believed in your goals in life.  It never occurred to me that you would gain nothing from your choice of job.   When you speak about business and anything about finance, my eyes grew big and I looked up to you.  Those were something I used to do but I had forgotten due to the events that happened in my life.  You awakened me to something that I always wanted in my life.  It was indeed a shocker that you were giving up.   Did you let those dream stealers get into your nerve?   You should do something that you really enjoy and want.  I don’t why you quickly change your mind.  You have your reasons as you mentioned but it is just the start, you have a long way to go… I wanted to say that you never wasted your time… you were learning in order to build your dreams.  Of course, I didn’t say those words to you because the issue concerning me.    I hope you would do the things you love to do because you excel on it….

My cousin mentioned that he totally had nothing for six months.   He even had no money for his fare; he broke up with his gf because she wouldn’t support his goals; and worst of all, his parents were not supportive.   Yet, he didn’t give up and still pursue what he wanted.   We always think alike and I agreed with him.  So, the old me was revived and I would probably spend few days in his place next week.

As for you, I hope you won’t give the businessman mind of yours and your willingness to gamble for your goals.    Yet, whatever is your choice and you wanted in life,  I won’t change the way I admire and respect you.  There are people in our lives even those closest to  us who steal our dreams by telling us that what we wanted in life is impractical and impossible.  We don’t have to prove them wrong but we just go on pursuing our dreams, have a positive way of thinking and never give up.



xoxo… i miss u and luv u more…


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