A Song Dedicated to a SUper Guy


I don’t want you to forget me.

Being ocean apart from you is really deadly and my heart is paralyzed with the venom of loneliness and sadness.

God…. I really miss you all the time…  I miss everything about you and everything you did—

In spite of my agony, I am still cheerful to people around me.  I always keep a joyful smile even there are so many days I am sleepless and most of the times awakened by you in my dreams. For some, I am queer and unusual and obviously quickly judge as ‘an obsessed freak’. I don’t care, I don’t house the minds of others and the world is anyway filled with proud haters who can’t find contentment and happiness in themselves.  Or there are so many people who have nothing better to do with their lives….  My point is, I don’t care how I will be assessed by others … I make use of my creative skills and managed time to come out with any forms of arts and visual media to express myself and what I truly feel inside this precious muscle beneath my bosom… I can make dolls— don’t worry, I won’t make a voodoo doll… hahaha… I’m not on my usual bed, I can’t sleep (I have no insomnia)…. I can’t take you out from my head…. Then, out of nowhere while I was composing a poem for my last and final love countdown the other day, I accidentally stumbled into this song. While listening to Taylor Swift’s version of “Superman”, the lines struck me and perfectly suited you and this whole situation. It seems like Taylor is my BFF and she just knew and felt what I am going through.   LOL. I came out with the video as embedded below. Yeah, this is my lyrics video version for Taylor Swift’s Superman dedicated to the SUper Guy, I will forever adore and love. Of course, he won’t like this but he won’t give a damn of looking anyway…. The secret is safe with me… The video is ok, not so much special effects coz I managed to finish it for only four hours… Besides, I am trying out my cousin’s editing software… Hey, first time using this latest version of Sony Vegas… as always, all first time with you…

A Song for my SUper G…

The song and video embedded below is dedicated to the most SUper Guy in the world… Gee, this is for you… created for you by yours truly… Yeah, you won’t like it… but I love making this even it was so rush and no one is telling me… this is how I express for you make reality impossible…  It’s ok, I respect and understand… that’s the reason I am here and not there……  Know it in your heart that I am always here, never tired in spite of my struggles… I’ll make this through because I want to be there for you—

by Taylor Swift “Superman” xoxo… i luv u still and still more… published: 4:12 am… now I’m tired and sleepy… Hey, I heard the roosters crowing… surprising… after four years .. I heard the real roosters morning alarm…


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