Are You the Captain of Your Ship?

Don’t be so silly and stubborn, boss!
Oh my captain, don’t disappoint me!
You proclaimed to be in control,
Are you certain when you only obey?
Do you vow to your crew to please?
Are you really rejoicing in confusion?
The North Star doesn’t appear everyday
Oh my captain, will you let it pass by?
When its leading you the right direction
Let the compass of your heart guide you
Are you really the captain of your ship?
You think you already have what you want
Will you lose and let go with what you need?
Man your ship, my dear captain and be wise…
The voyage is yours, it’s no one’s rule
My captain, when will you open your eyes?
You don’t need others’ help with the map
Dear captain, your treasure is in front of you!
Captain, my captain! It’s so near you can’t see!

I’m so broken, all I can do is cry to sleep bearing in mind that all I need is to be brave. I will endure. Besides, I’m not a bad person. Good fortune befalls upon me for I am the triumphant heroine in my story.

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Published on: Apr 8, 2013 @ 23:22


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