Today and Tonight

busy road and the warmth of the sun
cramming inside the public transport
squeezing among strangers, no social distancing
my migraine attacked me for I skipped lunch
I had no choice for I had to queue and waited
I partially cheated my way in, the power of connection
I decided to study again for two weeks
For now, my money is not enough…
Good words from good people
A new hope in my heart
Great things start from small beginnings
I saw paintings sold by local artists
I remembered my artworks and inspired to learn more and sell my works…
I am so happy with the possibilities…
Can’t wait to paint again…
I miss the old place and I miss you so much…
I am so tired but I wouldn’t sleep until the end of my favorite local soap opera for tonight is the last episode.
I ate a sweet mango for dinner. Tasty! Above all, there’s always you in my heart. I will never forget you even if we are oceans apart. My heart knows and I won’t object. I love you with all my heart…


by Billy Joel “Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)”
My one-month old niece, Avery…


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