Adieu for Now

My love, my bags are ready
Why now when you’re not with me
Farewell is a word, I can’t say
My love, I don’t want you to see
The stain of my tears wipe away
Remember my smiles, let it be!


My love, tonight is temporary
I will come again for you and stay
If only I have the choice, I am yours
Lying on your bed, not riding a plane
My love, please don’t let me go
For I love you now and forevermore


When the clock strikes twelve
My love, I am off to the clouds
Across the seas, faraway from you
Going forth to a beautiful place
I truly wish you’ll see and enjoy
Worry not my love, I’ll take care of you


My love, I am still sitting here
But I already miss you so much
This time, I’ll leave and adieu for now
Tomorrow I’ll say no more goodbye
Only sweet greetings and good night!
Remember my love, I love you with all I am


Good night, my love… In the land where rules are followed, I have to pack my clothes and ago.  I always want you to come along and enjoy days of which you don’t have to rush and chase time. It’s ok my love, there’s always tomorrow.

By John Denver “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

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