We Were with the Zombies


There were living corpses in front our sights. They crept while limping with their rotten fleshes and hollow eyes. The skeleton nightmare, so creepy and gross. Yet, with you at my side, it was alright. Still I was so afraid but you seemed not to get it.  I wanted to hide and clutch your strong arms, yet you were trying so hard to keep the distance.  Why didn’t you get that I wanted you so close?  I may be a big girl but I got scared with those soulless creatures surrounding us.   They screamed so loud and the hairs on my skin were stiff with fear.  Damn.  You should moved closer. Hey, I existed! 

How different were you with the zombies when you refused to hear my heartbeat?  You knew that I was hurting but you let me be and thanks for the blame.  How many times I felt awful of myself and wished to be like the zombies too so that I would never fall for you?  Yet, after all the tears I cried for you, I uncovered how brave I were to continue loving you in spite of the odds. I am not a zombie for I am a woman so in love with you.

The zombies were the last we saw and the last time you were with me.  You were not my hero that day because you overlooked how much I loved you. The last smile that I saw and took a photograph with you.  I told myself to defeat the zombie in you and bring back the man I used to know.

I wouldn’t quit and I avowed to God heartily.  Yet, true love is tested with time and consequences, I would probably be gone temporarily.  Maybe not, God is merciful and miracles happen.

I wanted to see you, one more time together not with the zombies.   But with the great and wonderful guy whom you really are… You should had known how difficult it was for me trying hard not to be sweet or not caring just to keep the distance and grant you the respect that I ought to give you.

I needed you now, not because the zombies are attacking in my nightmares but because you are the only man I love heartily and waited all my life.  Perhaps, we should experience what happened now so that when we meet again we will be stronger than before and more determined to get what we wanted in our lives.  God will give us our hearts desires.

I wish to say your name and tell the world it’s you whom I will forever love… I love you and miss you a lot!  Find it in your heart, not in your head with so many things going on….

Can’t sleep now for every time I remembered the zombies, I recall that day when we were there…. and those other days you were with me…

XoxO luv u much & more….
d- _-b

By Cranberries “Zombie”


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