The Birth of Hope

2013-09-21 22.57.17

There were butterflies pestering me while I was hiding underneath my blanket unwilling to see the sun tomorrow. Then, the more I resisted, the bigger they grew and it scared me until I forced myself to open my eyes and got out from bed. Strange. I browsed in the online dream dictionary the symbol and meaning of butterflies in a dream. The two words that hit me were “transformation” and “new beginning”. Indeed, I needed to change my views in life and believe that there is hope for a new start.


When we were having dinner last Wednesday, out of nowhere, my friend blurted out that I should paint something for God. I told her, I couldn’t draw at all because my brains couldn’t focus on anything. Moreover, I assured her that if ever I’d draw something for God, it will be a newborn child.
2013-09-21 22.59.13

I explained to her, I chose a newborn as my subject because it portrayed a new beginning and I added to my justification the butterflies in my dream.   After that conversation, I didn’t grab any of my art medium to draw.


Awhile ago while I was reading a religious and inspirational book about Jesus as first love and bridegroom that dialogue I had with my friend occurred to me.  My sister was using my laptop watching Korean classical soap opera, I had nothing to do.  While waiting for her to watch our favorite show, I remembered the new set of cheap pastel colors that I bought three weeks ago.  I couldn’t browse for any images online as my model since I couldn’t interrupt my sis.  I went forth, using my imagination without copying or looking at anything.  Thus, this pastel drawing was created remembering only the child who always appeared in my dreams.   I tried my best and I chose to wrap her with cloth because I am not certain with the gender.  It was just a dream after all.


My decisions to strive for greater heights led me to uncertainties and series of unfortunate events. The instances that happened in my life challenged my faith. There were many times, I am about to give up. Yet, when I accepted fully the situation and learned to smile with teary eyes, I became stronger and my trust in God solidified strongly.

Birth of Hope

Like a newborn child fragile and weak,

I am helpless, innocent and unsure

I surrender to God all my rage and fears

I learn to trust Him with all my heart

No more hopelessness and crossroads

I love Him more for He loved me first

It’s the road of new beginning for me now

Embracing  change, out my comfort zone

The Devil kept on trying to win my pure soul,

Yet, under my angel’s cloak, my goodness remained

There’s always a bright tomorrow

For when all dreams die, there’s the BIRTH OF HOPE


By Michael Learns to Rock “Sleeping Child”


together with this child of my creation and imagination

sleep tight and always smile in my dreams.

 GUD NYT! luv u more…



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