So Many IFs

If God is in human form, will He smile at me?

If angels are men, will they dance with me?

If there are fairies, will I have my happy ending?

If I’ll see a genie, will my wishes come true?


If I’ll pretend I am not here, where will I be?

If I don’t exist, what will become of me?

If I were a boy, will I fall for a girl like me?

If I am someone else, who will I be?


If castles are made of sand, I’ll build one for you

If stars are reachable, I’ll get one for you

If I have a treasure map, all gold are yours

If the moon is so near, I’ll fly you there


If I’ll say I miss you, will you laugh at me?

If I’ll say I’ll do everything for you, will you doubt it?

If I’ll say I really love you, will you believe?

If I live another life again, will we meet once more?


If you’re my master, I’ll serve you as you please

If you’re my king, I’ll be your loving and obedient queen

If I am with you now, our hearts will always rejoice

If there is a chance, I’ll surely give you the world (you know)


I cannot changed what happened yesterday.  I may have my regrets only to fully understand that those things happened for good reasons.  Yet, I am not  holding back and let my dreams die.  The God I know will never abandon me.  My heart will not change for it will always beat for you.  Thanks, anyway for everything.

Love you, goodnight


by Charice “Yakap”

Let me hold you tonight in the realms of my dreams

In reality soon… I know the day will come—

for when you held me tightly, it always feel like heaven…


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