The Courage to Press ‘Send’

You’ve got a mail!!!

you've go a mail

I kept on composing and deleting.  Several times I told myself ‘it’s alright’ but still I couldn’t.   This time when I checked, no one really reverted to me.  Again, I just said to keep on looking and looking, and  trying and trying.   Then, I remembered of that possibility of communicating via e-mail since I’m inactive in FB.  After reading at all the postings again, there were no jobs suited my qualifications.

Then.  I stopped and thought for it.

I didn’t know how to start.  Maybe, the opening should be hello and the usual ‘how are you?’  When I started typing, my hands seemed to synchronize with my heart and the words just kept appearing on my screen.  I trembled and was totally scared.  After I am done, I took a deep breath and pressed send.  It took me so long to press send but I don’t even know if the account was still used or not.  At least, I tried.

Later, I realized that I didn’t proofread and my sentences were poorly constructed.  It didn’t matter, as long as I tried in letting him know what was happening to my life lately.   So, just like my application letters, I press sent without expecting any response.

I really hope that my words reached him.

Message sent: 4pm


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