The Aquaman Who Saved Me

Macaws in Flight, Brazil

Aquarians are lucky people and I am no different from any of them.  I could have died that evening with my head cracked forever.  Yet, here I am so alive composing and encoding this post.

I couldn’t recall the details of that night and I didn’t hear the blast.  All I knew I was lost in the horizon with the waters surrounding me.  I could feel the coldness of the wind and I felt so free for the first time in my life.  Then, the water on my feet was crystal clear.  Somewhere in my heart, I wished not to turn back and stayed in that place for the rest of my existence.  I could feel the serenity and contentment even if I was all by myself.  Perhaps, that was my secret paradise, a home I always wanted.

I am in the bosom at the sea of nowhere.  However, I am not all by myself.  I saw a silhouette from a distance and I drew closer to discover a man.  He smiled at me while dipping at the water.  I was trying to figure out if I’ve known him.  I presumed that he was the guy I used to be interested in school.  Yet, the closer I looked, there was no resemblance.  He called my name and he reached out for me.  I didn’t know if I were drowning but he touched my hand.  Then, I am awakened with the hysterical voice of my brother, exclaiming that  we experienced an accident.

Did I die? I thought, I was in  a dream for I wanted to just go back to that paradise and to find out the identity of that aquaman.  Probably, he was my angel.  Maybe, I needed to live this second chance because I have to find and thank him.  Do I have to look for someone I already found?  I know my prayers are always answered.

My friend told me that it was a near death experience.  I didn’t take it that way before.  However, every time I am disappointed or heartbroken, I always tried to paint that paradise in my head with the aquaman who saved me and gave me a second chance to live again.  I enjoyed and missed looking at the seawater and hoping in the midst of the ocean he’ll appear or I’ll see him once more.  He’ll surely find me, no doubt about that….

My prayers are always answered and things happened for a reason.  Indeed, I am lucky to have this second chance for my aquaman will find me in his heart.


hot angel in pastel drawing




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