Unsolicited Service

I miss you in many languages3

The bubbly church lady without the bible
Subject for deceptions and so gullible
Follow the commandments, sins are horrible
Out of the blue, her innocence in trouble
O, God! Forgive her for he’s so irresistible!
No escape for his cute dimple’s so adorable?

A genuine friendship of a man and woman
Her heart is moved by this gentleman
Trapped in love’s web, nowhere to run
Is she a sinner for with him it was fun?
Coldness dissolved with the heat of the sun
A coffee for two, served with a tasty bun!

No matter how you wanted to hold on yesterday
Gone with time, wonderful moments fade away
He didn’t ask but she loved him anyway
She wanted to serve him and have him all day
Bad omen separated them, but they’ll meet someday
The church lady asked, ‘God, what’s with the delay?’


Hey, I got a mail… urgent and when I responded…  My bad again.   Another rejection today… thus, I diverted the negative feelings into something positive with the use of my creativity inspired by you… Yeah, I just can’t help missing you…

Good night

Take a good rest for you must be so tired for the day…

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