One Night Only

good nightIt was the evening that I will never forget.  How long has it been?   How long will I keep on missing you?  Yeah, you won’t believe and no matter how I’ll try still it won’t be good enough for you.

Nonetheless, it was my best night because I chose to be blind, not cared with anyone’s judgment for only you existed in my world and the rest perished in your presence.  I enjoyed everything and every minute meant a lot in my heart that  I will cherish forever.   It happened just one night only under the curtains of stars twinkling so brightly in my heart.  I don’t know what it was like to you but it doesn’t matter.  As long as I am having the time of my life and you made me happy, so I let it be.  Do you still recall what I said?  Yeah, I talked so much and I mean every word that came out from my lips… I am always honest with my feelings.  I am a bad liar and not so good pretender.

i needed you

The truth, I want you not for one night only but for several  evenings to come.  Yet, what happen to this girl, namely me?  I am suffering from my downfall and bad timing.  I tried my best to fight.  Unknown to you, I am really breaking and my faith almost shaking with the challenges life has to offer.  I cried for several nights wishing to have you or borrow you just one night only…. Yeah, one night only….  I don’t know what will the turn of events but not a single day I ever stop on loving, missing and needing you.

Can I have you tonight, just one night only? Cage me with your strong arms and feel the pain of all my disappointments. I needed you here.  Every time I will cry for my fears are threatening me, I recall all your encouraging words. I must accept the fact that I am still not back to the working girl track, even if I am needed because the rules don’t favor me. How will I tell you that I can’t even afford to pay my phone bills and I can no longer use my line? What an embarrassment!!! I had it planned and almost had what I deserved and wanted…. Yet, somewhere on the road, my luck failed me.

Be with me, just one night only… not in my dreams… I want to smell your manly aroma and your godly presence that always brighten my gloomy world…. Is it possible even for just one night only?


by Jennifer Hudson “One Night Only”


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