Good Night, Soldier


The perpetrators are awake
Deafening sound of the guns
No playing of classic songs
Explosions and fear of death
Do you ever fall asleep?
When violence is everywhere

Dear soldier, you’re not home
You’re always a great hero
Everyone loves and remember
Your courage inspires so many!
Good night soldier, rest well!
I pray to God to bless your soul


image source:

For the memories of the 9/11 attack that happened more than a decade ago, year 2001.  The aftermath of such incident led to swipe the al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and to hunt Bin Laden.  So many series of wars in so many countries around the world that happened afterwards, which killed so many men in uniform.  Now, we pray for the end of war crisis in Syria and to all soldiers who fight risking their lives.

image source:, “The Civil War Within Syria’s Civil War

As for the soldier that my heart knows, may you triumph in your own battle and hopefully me too.  Let courage dwell in our hearts for we’re all warriors in our ways.  I miss and love you forever.

mr dream boy


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