LOVE me a Little


God does not create junks.  He creates us in His image and likeness.  We are all beautiful creations and we are all destined for greatness.  God love us beyond our comprehension those are the words of wisdom from the priest (he is still a deacon and next month, 15 Oct he’ll be ordained).  See, I am very attentive and I reflect with my heart.  I listened with today’s gospel and the homily.

I went to church all by myself walking side by side with strangers.  I told God in my mind, Lord I deserve to be with someone coz I am beautiful and good in ways.  I walked slow coz I was ten minutes late for the mass.  I prayed for God’s blessings for my future endeavours and grant the desires of my heart.  The priest concluded the mass by blessing and praying for all teachers.  I am so touched because in my heart I always wanted to grow old as one.  It is truly my passion to mold young minds and motivate them to be confident professionals in the future.  It is not always about the job and how much is the pay check.  But, it is the heart to serve and how I really enjoy and love the job.  Yet, I don’t know where my fate leads me after all the heartbreaking rejections.


Image source: via picsart apps.

I panicked when I was about to buy my meal for dinner.  I couldn’t lose the money my sis gave me.  I walked fast and fortunately I found it lying on the floor of my room.  I was so happy, I decided to buy ice cream and made banana split (my style) as dessert.


I don’t really lose something that is always there and I carry forever in my heart.

In Tumbler someone posted, ‘love is about timing’.  Then, in the soap opera I was watching, one of the characters said the same.  Maybe, mine is a work in progress and still in the making.  My time will come, as of now, my priority is to trust God for the opportunity to come.

Love me a little
        A little less
        Not a little more
         I don’t ask for a lot…
        Don’t be always
      naughty in my dreams…
          God knows that
          I don’t love you a little…
          luv u more 😉


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