Will You Put Away the Flame?


The taste of the apples of Eve
It’s still you. Please, do believe!

Your torch lighting in my darkness
Cure me from this awful sickness!

How long will I endure the pain?
Will you come and stop the rain?

In my torture box, it’s really cold
I want to touch your hands and hold

For so long, the clock is moving
Can’t control, the fire still burning!

Will you put away the flame?
I need and want you, what a shame!

Will you forgive my madness?
Mercy sir, spare me your kindness!

Will you recall and whisper my name?
The heat is on, I am yours to tame…

U just don’t have any idea what happened to me…
I want to hear from you and see you again—
But, I am still unhappy… I can’t face you like this…
Don’t want to be a boring and drama queen in your sight…


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