Fight for Survival: Written Rejection


For the record this is the second letter that made me cry like a river.  Four years ago, it was signed by holy hands and I was not given the voice to make a stand.  Here, it is now, the second one from someone who gave me hope but the rules are not under their control.

In comparison to last time, I rested for more than three months.  My heart and pride were slashed, I had nowhere to go.  I belittled myself and despised of who I am.  It was my lively and colorful personalities that put into trouble.  I couldn’t fake myself and wear the mask of a witch just to please the minorities.  Looking back, I was hated by crabs and jealous hearts; but, I was loved by the little devils they dictated me to loath.  Every 3 am I prayed, ‘lead me to where my heart belongs’.

The second time round, I am not hated and their were no envious minions of the pretenders prophets of God.  I am free to be me and my skills improved.  Yet, I left because I prayed to God for greater dreams for my future home.  I am not starting all over again, I am moving forward.  My gifts and skills don’t fail me.  I am just a stranger on a land whose rules are for the good of its people.  I have no rights to question and I can’t insist.  I only hope in my heart that there’s a place for me.

I strongly believe that this storm will pass.  I keep on trying my best and can’t wait to see you when this is over. 

I truly miss you.  I really do.
Luv u more


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