Stop at 3! (Don’t Hurt Me, Anymore!)

Unintentional. I know. But, you can’t tell me not to be affected.  Yeah, I am just being so sensitive, after all the disappointments and hurt that I am experiencing now.

One.  I am not having a vacation.  I am depressed.

The bill is high, it’s not my fault not because I am stuck at home.  I am not having a good life.  I don’t even turn on the fan or watch tv.  I only even use my mobile phone every time I write a post in any of my blogs’ platforms.  I don’t even use the fan.  I can sleep even it is so warm and hide under my blanket.  I am not having a free time.  I am imprisoned inside a box and spend my time crying and  praying.  Don’t blame me? Now, I don’t feel like cooking and dining at the place.  As much as possible, I skip my lunch and eat during dinner with my sis and friend.

Two. I am not flirting over the phone. 

RIP to my phone.  I will try to resurrect it tomorrow and use up the little money left for the stormy days.  My old boss relayed a message to a friend that he’ll accompany me the monsters’ house to get what is intended for me.  I needed to make that call.  It was urgent and I have no phone to use.  My sister is out for work.  I don’t use it everyday to call guys and chitchat with my friends.  Abuse? Me?  Don’t accuse me of something I am not capable of doing.  It was my housemate who called?  Was it too much.

Three.  Budget saggy soap.

I bought an expensive facial bar soap and I was meant to last for three months.  There was still about more than half of it left.  If it bothered you so much, you should asked me to keep it or even asked anyone who owned it.   It was the kind of soap that is soft and saggy that was the reason it was neatly placed at the side of the bathroom.  I am being sentimental because I value what I own and I budget everything accordingly.  I don’t pick my money on the streets.  I wanted everything to be well-managed.  Not because I am not in the working force and failed for several times, I become an easy target of blame and don’t do this…   As if, I have never done anything right!!!

I am offended that I wanted to find myself another place.  I only hope that the previous work out.  God has plans.  I won’t be living in this place for a long time.  I trust God that I will make it.

God’s words today:  H-U-M-I-L–I-T-Y

I must learn to forgive and don’t make it an issue…. just forget about it!!!  The intentions were not bad but they should put an effort to know the person before judging into conclusion.  After all, I paid my dues…



I only hope, I can share to you my miseries. I remembered last time, I was more hurt than comforted…  I hope you never changed and remained the same…. or treat me well like before…  the one who made me unreasonably happy…  while you were asleep, I am awake to try my luck…. good morning!!!

time check 3 AM


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