Oh, My Baby G!


I am a fan of black and white films, the old classics.  I watched all Shirley Temple movies and a lot more.  So, I couldn’t help wishing to have a porcelain doll (like in the Little Princess movie) that only rich kids could afford.  I was so offended with what the landlady said yesterday and couldn’t help feeling sad for my situation.  So, even it was unplanned to go out, I accompanied my friend for a Saturday stroll.


Then, there she was, the dream and love of the little girl in me. I saw it in an old shop and the price was reasonable. Not included in the budget, but I couldn’t help it. The auntie in the shop was so kind, she even told her boss to give me free earrings. Haha. My convincing power and thick skin worked again, just like old times.

My friend playfully suggested to name my new pretty doll. I said, Geneve, same as my pretty student’s name. Or Geneva, same as my student’s character in his story. Then, my friend suggested we call her Genie because a genie makes wishes come true.

Oh my baby Genie, you know the desires of my heart… make my wishes come true! One day, you’ll have a true playmate but one at the time.


A budget and cheap shopping for hurt and stress relief!!! I bought stuff for my sis and I. A week’s budget for meal wasted!!!! But, I did this to take a break from my painful reality.

Btw, baby G, kiss papa G… nyt-nyt!!! The day will come he’ll find me in his heart….

Good night. XOXO….


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