i keep on looking and missing…


good day!!!

when you’ll be awake, i might be still asleep because when you were asleep i was still awake 😦

before, i finally close my eyes and sleep around 4.23 am as this time… i wanna tell you something is missing all this time… oops! i’m so tired to talk for i am up for the entire night to finish something for my ex-boss… my fault, actually… 😦

as of now, i’m expecting for opportunities to come and just keeping calm… but my heart still looking for you…. i do… i hope this will be over and you’ll still wanna be my friend 😦

Spongebob said….


I’m so tired to think.  My brain’s commanding me to shut down… Thus, can’t come out with words to say…

Just take it from Spongebob, my friend… it’s so cute 😉

… tsk.. i don’t think you’ll like this… you’re non-cheesy…

Published on: Jul 16, 2013 @ 4:30


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