Loving Gary **+++$$$ and Mike

gary and mike collage

This is not the adventures of Batman and Robin with all the actions and heroic deeds,  Well, this unusual duo and most unlikely tandem found themselves in a road trip to challenge and strengthen their friendship.   

A not so old adult cartoon series aired last 2001 with 13 episodes showcasing different kind of adventures of two friends named Gary and Mike.  These two buddies were totally of no similarities in their personalities as well as their roots.   Gary who was a kind-hearted total loser and scared to death of his big man who was trying to prove something to himself and his father.  He was out to follow the Lewis and Clark trail as his family’s tradition.   And here came the best friend with a package of trouble, the perfect definition of jerk, that is so Mike.  Together they traveled in different states and made their own map to follow, which they called as the “Gary and Mike” trail.

Along the way, these two met so many mishaps and troubles and they too meet different sort of people who added to their adventures.  Whether you hate Gary for he was just so ignorant and gullible or dislike Mike’s guts and his macho complex, you’ll still enjoy watching this pair.  Well, after thirteen episodes, you’ll wonder if there is more and the ending will leave you hanging on the cliff.   After all, I laugh all through out every episodes, taking my problems and stress away.  OMG, something is missing… wish and only wish… I can do… 

Gary and Mike will teach you the value of friendship that no matter what, real friends stick around.  Aside from that, no matter what kind of jerk or loser your friend is, you’ll accept and love him or her for what he or she is… Besides, we have one life to live… let’s have fun and ready for a lot of adventures ….


I always take life as fun and with everything I do, I truly enjoy it. Yet, my life is no cartoon and I have to live the reality and be serious of trying my luck to make my talents useful and earn from it.  If there are guys like Gary and Mike, I will surely fall and love them… Hmmm… Who do you think will I pick? Will it be Gary or Mike??? OMG, haunted by the name again ;(  

where or where???? My baby be???  i miss a friend… 

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org

watch more episodes at scumbuddy’s channel


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