A Dreamer and Pretender


Forgive me, if over and over again I am not using my head or my charms to just go out there and bump at anyone available for the ride. I can actually do those silly and unacceptable actions. As a matter of fact, how many chances I let slipped into my fingers because no matter how forced myself, none of them felt the same. I did admire and like those people whom I was acquainted but I never loved any of them.

Perhaps, I dream of an impossible dream and quest for the uncertain. Perhaps, I finally found what I am looking for and it took me some time to realize indeed it is possible. It’s true that I keep of dreaming of you and not even a single minute of the day, I ever stop thinking of you and the memories we used to have. I dream that in the future there are possibilities of the events untrue for the present time. I believe in my heart that it is never over as long as we go on living.

A dreamer… Yet, for now this dreamer must find fulfillment of my career. I am not getting younger. I want a real career that best suited my skills, not enslaved with another giant who cheats on so many people. I strive for myself and for the future of my family when the time really comes…

Most of all, I am a pretender. I always pretend that you can hear me or you can feel the sadness and the pains of all my disappointments. I pretend that somehow my words have power and these can reach you. Maybe, you’ll feel through my sentences how truthful and sincere I am. I pretend that when this quest is over, you’ll just be there and you’ll feel free and see everything is alright.

What do I know? I have never been with any man for real. I can lost count with the number of male friends I have… Yet, I can only count one with the man I love with all that I am and whom I am willing to risk anything in life… Hope, when that day will come… you won’t be that stubborn and lose your sense of adventure…

I dream of you beside me and I pretend that you are always with me…


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