Ever Dearest YOU,

get over it

Unintentionally and unexpectedly how our stories tangled in the web of fate.

It was not your intention and same way here.  However, your gift of friendship led me to a dangerous reality that brought me joys in sorrows, hopes in miseries, patience in nothingness, and excitements in darkness.  Most of all, love in silence and waiting for the right time it will finally have a space in your heart.

I may not say a lot due to my awareness in my position in your life.  Yet, you know that in spite of my absence, I am always here for you and I mean to keep my words if the chance and the opportunity are granted to me.

Love and romance are not in my list.  I dream of pursuing my career and profit in my skills.  In my heart, I want to give convenience to my family and I want to be generous in sharing what I have to others who earn less.

Was it with God’s permission when you bumped into me that evening I’ll forever cherished?  SO, there was you who showed me how different men species and difficult to manage.  I proclaimed it quits before I fell for you.  Yet, you were always a true friend even if I were despicable.  Somehow, forgive me if in my heart, I don’t want to be only your friend and desire for more.

There’s no undoing of what is done, and no regrets of what can’t be returned.  All those times I am with you or spoke with you, I found true joy in my heart.

You conquered me and beat my wits.  I risked it all. I played the role of a fool… Just to prove you I mean it when I said, ‘I LOVE YOU.’

The moon, stars and sun will remain same as my affection.  I still love you, nothing has changed.  I hope you’ll find it in your heart that it is true…

From this girl

4ever loving u

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