The Uninvited Guest

White limousine adorned with tulips and ribbons

Church bells ringing were music to my ears

Wearing the most elegant white princess’ gown

Strolling on the pathway filled with  rose petals

Joyful and familiar faces, and the angels’ choir

 God was truly kind to answer my prayers

It was no dream, he was alive in flesh

The handsomest man meant only for me

Avowing to all to cherish me until the end

It was the day when two became one

The  token of today’s promise visible in our fingers

Flashes of camera lights kept me smiling

I’m the superstar of one huge and special occasion

Everyone in the  sacred place rejoiced for us

Except for one lonely stranger at the last row

The simple black shirt caught my eyes

Why on earth an ugly simpleton was invited?

Not my colleague and never shall be my friend

I didn’t remember that we were acquainted

Sitting near the door in silence with a companion

Never moving, anticipating for answers to unfold

Could someone pushed her for she was unwanted?

A commoner’s clothing and pair of dirty slippers

Perhaps, she was uncertain with her own reasons

Although unsuitable for the affair but still remained

She was uncomfortable with the familiar people’s stares

Bravely stayed to halt all false hopes of childish dreams

Our eyes never  met but  its sadness became my own

My charming groom and husband was even clueless

He didn’t bother asking about the nameless guest

Was she among the unknown curious passersby?

Or  just another devotee waiting for the next mass?

And as I marched outside, vanished her shadows

I was hoping she wouldn’t go to my reception

Indeed, she was a woman of pride and dignity

Even if her presence was not in the dinner party

Her memories were flashing back to some visitors

Jokes and  ridiculous  words were uttered

Although she was not around in the grand hall

Her unforeseen coming was never forgotten

Was it a shame to love someone dearly?

Was it an embarrassment to care and fail?

Was the Lord unmerciful to that lowly woman?

She witnessed the union of her beloved

Was it really me or was it her or another girl?

It was not a foolish dream, drive her out!

But how come I’m running away under the rain?

The droplets falling from heaven outraged me

I despised that girl, she would never have him!

If I were victorious, how come he was moving afar?

And why my cheeks wet with tears of defeat?

Did I lose the game and let her win him?

What am I afraid of — he never loved her?

Silly me and curse life’s unexpected twist

It was my glory, not another woman’s story!

I must confront the uninvited guest

As I drew near, I saw my own reflection

Same tired eyes and bruised heart

I wanted to ask her “why she had to come?”

My mind answered my own interrogation

I must let her move on to take a new route

She would find her happiness in the future

In the fading flashback of that special day

I saw a determined girl surviving life’s sorrow

Walking away and leaving the past behind

A wedding really happened to my groom that day

The memory was so clear,  but I was not beside him

Sitting near the door —

I am the uninvited guest

*** This is my true story and this event happened almost a decade ago….

Published on: Dec 4, 2010 @ 6:42


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