One swallow does not make a summer, you know me very well.

I am disappointed and oppressed, I stood still on my ground even part of me already surrendered.  I keep calm and pray.  I trust God that He will answer me.

How do you judge me? There were so many instances you agitated and hurt me.  I learned to forgive you, humble down and got over with it.  I hope in your heart, you’ll know that I spoke the truth and I am for real.  My choice of clothing maybe unusual but it doesn’t make me one of those girls you used to pick up along the roads.  I did and obeyed what I am told, not due to desperation.  I only proved that I am willing for love’s sake.  I shared because that was what I am caring, generous and thoughtful.  I am a strong and stubborn woman and no man ever crossed the line except you.

I maybe awful and lame but I tried even if I am so ignorant, scared and tensed.  I am raised abiding God’s commandments and valuing righteousness and virtues.  I love all the members in my family and I am willing to sacrifice for them.  Indeed, it was never a secret to you how I survived in the past and in the present. 

God gave precious gifts to me through my talents and skills.  My parents educated me and I continued to further my studies to be more productive.  I am not perfect and have faults.  But, it doesn’t make me always wrong.  I hope you’ll see the good sides in me, not the evil witch you painted in your head.

By the way, I am who I am with no skeletons in my closet.  And my apologies for all the times I disappointed you and I hurt you too.

God’s words today, Psalm 86.



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