Fight for Survival: Turned Down

Everything went well but when I checked, the message on the screen absorbed my excitement and hopes to a deep well of nothingness.

What’s the reason for things to go wrong?  Is my timing bad and the officer not in the mood for he or she turned me down?

I don’t know what to feel anymore with such horrible rejection.  Why can’t they give me a chance?  I have been here for the past few years.  My brother and cousin went through smoothly.  I don’t know what should be done for I am not in-charge with the paperworks.  It’s not my control and hopefully they’ll aid me to make it.

Lord, another chance.  PLEASE HAVE MERCY!!!! HELP ME!!!!

I still have faith for everything to be fixed.   I am not giving up.  Not now… This is a challenge of survival… I will SURPASS THIS!!!


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