What Your Night is Like?


What your night is like?  Perhaps, it’s wild and free.  It’s Friday, time to party and get wasted!  Or it’s a romantic evening with lots of cuddling and more…

What your night is like? Perhaps, it’s a fun, restricted for an intruder like me.  Two is a company, three is a crowd.  My apologies, it’s not my intention to interrupt.  Will you talk a lot like you always do?  Will you joke and talk about movies you recently watched?  Perhaps a sweet movie night.  Yeah, too bad for me, I have never been in the cinema after the zombies on screen.

How about me? What my night is like? I am watching Games of Thrones (a series that you’ll surely enjoy) with the lights off while arranging our clothes.  Sometimes, I feel and smell the perfume ghost and befriended him.  I talk to it and mentioned about you.

What my night is like? Alone in my chamber playfully imagining a scheme to abduct you and have you for the rest of the evening.  I will surely dream of you like several nights that passed.  In my dream is a paradise where you and I freely and happily dwell. 

Do you remember me? Yeah, you already renamed me.  How I wish you’ll say my name like you used to! I have a name too like other girls you know… in case you forgot, it’s GEN…

What our night is like? We are sleeping on separate beds and in different places.  Likewise, in my heart, you’re always close and never far.


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