The Lies They Uttered

Why do people lie when they know it’s a sin and can hurt the ones whom very significant to them?

It was a game of ‘ I dare you to tell the TRUTH’. But two of them chose to lie at the moon and stars on that warm evening.

Her friend asked him, “What turns you on?”

He was caught off guard and paused for awhile as if it was the most difficult question for an oral exam. He took a deep breath and said,”It’s difficult for me to say because I am not in a relationship. I don’t have basis…” blah, blah, blah…

It was her turn. How much she loathe that foolish question! It was over college days. What the hell that was all about? She didn’t want the spotlight on her. She angrily said descriptions out of nowhere.

Why would she like him? It was all about the job and business. Even in her youth, she knew what these men wanted from her. Attractions and infatuations are only for writings; the awful and horrible descriptions for those objects of her desires. She could not possibly love him in such a short time and she was a non-believer of love at first sight. But, was it really the truth?

They took the same ride home and suprisingly bumped into his former boss. She smiled and asked him, “how’s your friend?’

They conversed with a language, she could not comprehend. Yet, her intuition told her more. Perhaps, she had more gift of wisdom for she could tell inspite of the unspoken words.

She remembered his concern saying “you should not sit there for you might fall.”

She innocently smiled at him and touched his hand.

“It’s okey, your hands are long. You can reach and catch me?” Will he? For she never stops falling for him.

It was the month of April. Perhaps, it was the jest people play. She should know, she was the victim of April’s fool.

The truth of that night was they uttered their lies to seal the truth and to save themselves. They are not bad people, they just picked the wrong words to give them some time in knowing each other more.

Later on, one of them endured the painful truth to open the door of the adventures life and love bring.


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