Echo of His Voice


     The concern was appreciated.   I am very thankful that I have a friend whom I can talk to after all what I have experienced.  It was a wonderful feeling to share your burdens to your friend.

     Listening to the audio was like the  sound in a dream.  The echo of his voice brought me to that land I visited long ago in a dream before I met him.  I told my friends about that strange dream and the voice of a stranger unfamiliar to me.  I thought that I have forgotten.  Thanks to weChat, a messaging app with audio recording that voice had a face and a name.

    Yet, technology’s wonders was heartbreaking.  I always avoided it but there it was.  I am hormonal, I said what I felt.  At the end of the conversation, I composed more than five posts.  I never slept and cried until morning. 

   Try this new apps, weChat (read more about weChat)!  Connect with friends.  Additional to my FB, I don’t think, I’ll use again.  If it hurts, then avoid it to spare me from breaking apart.


The cropped and edited profile pic.


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