Can We Go Out?

No more Valentine’s Day, she was not in desperate to have a date.  She was bored with life, in search of a new adventure. She searched for prospects and one particular number struck her.  ‘If it was a no, at least I tried.’ She convinced herself while her fingers were trembling and wet.

It’s now or never and she pressed send.  It was a quick response and to her disbelief, it was a ‘yes’.

She rejoiced but disappointed with herself.  It’s against the rules to ask a man.  What she did was incorrect and against the values of how she was raised.  She should take it back.  Yet, they ended exchanging few messages and a sweet good night.

She was there and didn’t know what she was doing.  She froze and her stomach lost its craving for food.  She wished he was agressive, move closer and kiss her goodbye.  Yet, he only shook her hand.  Oh, he must be congratulating her for the bravery of asking, ‘can we go out?’

A brief moment and that was how it began.  A story not foretold and forgotten.  If it is not complicated she wanted to ask a million times, ‘can we go out???’


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