The Blindfold Game


A classic children’s play
Cover the eyes and seek
Guess who you will touch
Say the right name or lose!
It is the rule of the game!

The excitements and fears
In the absence of the sight
Pulses run wild like horses
Learn to trust and have fun
Be ready for more surprises!

Children grow, no more games
Being an adult is too boring
Some still has the blindfold
Wanting adventures and thrill
The excitement never ends

There’s no hanky on the eyes
Still pretending not to see
It’s the rising of deep emotions
You should know what I mean
My friend, you do it the best!

Good memories last

Thank you very much 😉


Blindfold game in my dialect is known as hap-hap or halap-halap, which is a popular traditional game.  I used to play this game with my cousins during summer or every time they sleepover in my place.

Halap-Halap (blindfold) -This game is played outdoor with any number of players either boys or girls. A big circle about five feet in diameter is drawn on the ground. The players stand on the circle drawn facing each other. Blidfold one of the players as the “It” or taya in tagalog. Let him/her stay in the middle of the circle formed by the other players with hands joined. At the signal of the starting game, the taya runs after the other players. Upon catching one of the players, he/she guesses his/her name. If the guess is correct the identified player becomes the next taya. (


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