Why I Love to Love Thee?

postcard on the table

How long will I endure the hunger? I am deprived with food for few months. My body weakens each time and I look at my phone in desperation to send a message or just press call. However, deep within the interior of my chest I have all my fears that you’ll leave and ignore me. I will be feeling helpless again, thirsty of something unknown. I want to swallow my food with satisfaction and never spit it out!!! I am always hungry… craving for your love.  O, bring back my appetite and omit the sadness in my heart!

Why I love to love You?

A bed of roses with thorns
Fresh crops and sweet corns
Will you just take the lead?
Don’t dwell only in my head?

A summer night or rainy day
What’s the price I have to pay?
Why there is so much delay?
I love you, what can I say?

Why I love to love you?
So many fishes in the blue
Not all are as hot and yummy!
Can I just be your baby?

Yes, I love to love you!
For you are being you
Taking advantage of me
And so I just let you be!

My friend told me a lot of what she’d seen. It was beyond what my heart could take. She added, ‘well, the photo suggested, the girl is more like family. It was his mother’s birthday… She’s everywhere he goes and she’s friends with his friends.’ Does it mean I am a hopeless case? Does it mean I am worthless? Of course not, too bad they haven’t met me.

What I supposed not to know won’t hurt me but now I have to bravely handle the truth. I have so much to offer and the fact won’t kill my skills. I can still draw and write. I am still as smart as I used to be. I have so many friends as well and being used and kindness abused won’t be my karma. I am always a good person, only in the past I was unwilling because I never expected to feel this way.

I dropped by in school today. A student asked me, ‘why you will leave? Are you not staying to find your one true love?’

I never wronged anyone. I only give love a chance. In my heart, you know I will always wish for you and I don’t have my bad intentions.  I crazily look forward for your calls and to hear from you.   I guess, it’s impossible.

I no longer say, I am stupid for


I no longer think, I am ugly for

            I AM A BEAUTIFUL PERSON!!!!

There are so many people who love me for being me…  I told my friend I still want to believe that there’s always good in you and I don’t want to think that I am one of those toys because I never faked myself.  I am always true even I was weakened by your charms.

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