You’re Always HOT ;) But at times You’re Cold :(

What Happened to the Man at the Bus Stop?

Hi. I’m just curious. I won’t ask anymore. I’m so exhausted of arguing. The memories of that bus stop again. I remembered the man who seemed to be daring and enthusiastic in approaching me conducting his survey. Please, I’m not that innocent not to know what it was all about. That young man was high-spirited, full of energy and he believed in his product. He possessed the qualities of a promising businessman and he indirectly inspired me to never stop on dreaming something BIG . What happened to that man at the bus stop? I got the chance to know him. He’s one of those friends I fancy and wanted to get rid right away. Yet, there’s something unexplainable that I was unable to fight. There are some forces that drew me closer to him. I became comfortable with him around and tried to understand the situation. But, he’s hot and cold. Maybe, he doesn’t believe me. 

What happened to the man at the bus stop? As time goes by, he’s so stress and I can feel that he’s into some pressure. I cannot even freely talk to him about anything work unrelated. I’m a decent girl with a promising career. Everywhere I go, a number of people say that I’m a good and honest person. I may love to play around for the fun and humor of it, but I’m old enough to understand what is going on. I only wish he smiles and talks same way again. He can really talk a lot, you know… He’s never out of topic. He told me to step out my little pathetic world. I’m trying but he’s not letting me inside. I don’t want to make presumptions at all. All I know I stay as his friend in spite of the fact that he’s unpredictable— hot and cold…

I know he will overcome everything and it will turn well. I always have my hopes high. I learned that from the man I first met at the bus stop. His enthusiasm and optimism were really contagious for I learned from him NEVER TO GIVE UP.

by Katy Perry “Hot n Cold”

People’s feelings turn cool and warm; the ways of the world run hot and cold.


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