No Regrets

Kissing  adieu to the splendor of my youth

The thrill of my first love exists no more

 Recalling the memory of my first dance

How cheap & unromantic was my first date!


Silly  chats  and nonsense laugh over the phone

The long distance bills and awkward talks

Do you still remember your gifts for me?

My valuable treasures, I’ll forever keep  


Your song ringing into my ears

With the strumming of your guitar

 Well, there was no magic in my first kiss

Only fears and doubts under the moonlight


Thank you for waiting & for your time

Walking with me home is not compulsory

I knew the direction but it was so sweet of you

The evening chills and your cute smiles


Why you needed to visit my place?

I was in perfect shape to get sick!

You think I’m smart even if I slack

You think I’m nice even if I was rude


 Thank you all  for strolling with me

At different time with different faces

So many names & birthdays  to remember

Time is not ours and I never belong to anyone


I’m still alone but I have no regrets

For all of you were simply my good friends

I will just keep all the happy memories

Thank you all for adding the spices in my life!

 *PS I’m such a bad flirt! I remembered telling my tutee that if flirting is one of my subjects, I will surely fail…. (and it will be the only subject I won’t pass) All I can say that I was just having fun and the time of my life— I am such a funny, happy, generous and great friend to everyone.

This is an old post Published on: Jul 7, 2010 @ 11:58

by Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Want to have Fun”


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