Can you Please Lend me a Minute?

How fortunate is the lady who obtains your heart!

You’re hers twenty-four hours, from day till night…

She owns the hugs and kisses that I will never have—

If only I can steal you my dear, I wish you loved me!

Yet, whatever I do my best is not good enough for you

You’ll never lay your eyes at me, same way as you look at hers

I have all the right intentions but I can’t have your attention

Is it too much to ask, can you lend a minute of your time ?

The truth distorts the shapes of my hopes and dreams

Reality adds a full stop to the borrowed moments with you

I had the option to go away, but I stopped and turned around

All I reminisced was your smile that bewitched my heart

Perhaps, I was awaken with the wrong signal and alarm

I was asleep for a long time and my heart was coated with steel

I prayed for someone so special in my past to comeback

When I opened my windows, I found a joyful friend in you

Perhaps, I tried loving you to justify that I’m through him

Then, I heeded to my friend’s advise and dismissed my pride

For it’s time to take on the challenges and the risks

I was confused and embarrassed, but I swallowed it all!

It was not easy to love you but time taught me to do so

You never asked for it and I never wanted it as well

My head really warned my heart, but it was out of control

Though I’m alright, I still recall you. My beloved, don’t forget!

Did I provoke God for He granted me the impossible?

The hard-core one that molded me to become fearless

If you have the time, can you please lend me a minute?

I want to see your sweet smile and listen to your gentle voice again 😉


by Lea Michele “Get Right”

Don’t you forget about me… 😉

Published on: Jul 26, 2012 @ 0:31


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