wHEn I’m aLOne

Out there, I smile a lot
Cheerful, funny and jolly
Showered with praises
Adored by most of them

But, when darkness come
I’m alone on my empty bed
My heart breaks and cracks
I’m slowly falling into pieces

If only, I am prettier
Perhaps, I’m the princess
If only, I am a bit taller
Perhaps, you’ll kiss me

Why can’t I be smarter?
To make you really proud
Why can’t I be younger?
Old meat and undesirable

When I’m alone, I’m dying,
All hopeless and worthless
And the enemy is my own
The evil I can never defeat

I want to bring happiness
Don’t want anyone to be sad
When I’m alone, who’s there
To make me smile and laugh?

Is it too much to ask
To borrow you for a while?
Is it too much to ask
Not to be alone just once?

I am the unknown writer,
The newbie apprentice artist
Asking you to please see me
Will you stop and find me again?

They say, the bigger the woman’s bosom, the dumber she is… Stop figuring out the cup size. The problem, no one asked what’s her degree or if she’s gone to further studies. Do you ever care if she has skills and talents?
They say, the woman who dresses up is extravagant and don’t know how to save… Why does someone check the price? Does anyone bother to find out that she’s working hard for the future?
They say, a woman who is carefree doesn’t want commitment. No one even asked her to stay. If she does, are they willing to love her back?
They say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. No one shows her the recipe. If you want, she’ll treat you to a fancy restaurant. Isn’t that enough?
They say, a modern man wants a career-oriented, confident and independent woman so that the family can survive when something happens to the man. Also together they can survive with the modern standard of living. Nowadays, everywhere, the price is so high. How much is the target salary and projected annual income?
They say, a man wanted a submissive woman and someone who serves. You know what’s wrong, did you ever ask her or you’re just quick to judge?
She asks, “why can’t you find me? why am I worthless all the time? why you lead me further in order to leave me alone? can you really forgive me? how can I understand when you’re no longer keeping in touch?”

Why it’s easy for you to forget?

Why erase me so quickly?

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