Let Go and Let God

Too much arrogance
Pride in dominance
Don’t trap the child
Playful, humorous and wild

Let go of yesterday
What happened is history
Let go of the hurt and pain
Love and joy you’ll gain

Let go and be yourself again
The sun is up, no more rain
Stop the tears, don’t feel sorry
Have faith and no need to worry

Let God be the captain of your ship
Ignore sorrow and hardship
Enjoy the fun and thrill of friendship
Let God help you in your relationship

Let go of all the heavy burden
Don’t surrender fast or so sudden
Let God heal your inner sickness
For you deserve true happiness


You’re a lucky girl

God loves you

and so as someone out there!

by Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are”

God Bless You, Darling!!! I only miss you more and love you so much more!!!

Forgive me for being such a drama queen. But, you know me I can easily recover. Looking forward to chitchat or see you again. I hope you’re well today and if you feel like crying you know you can count on me any time of the day. Always know that I’m here and will never fade at your side.

published last Sep 8, 2012 @ 20:07


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