I Don’t Care If I’m Not the First

I don’t care if I’m not the first in your heart and priorities. I am alright and contented where I am placed in your life. Likewise, I felt so bad with how you misjudged my gestures. It is just sad that the person you love can’t get a hint that you’re doing such things because your only expressing your feelings in the ways you can…

I’m not a manipulative person, I don’t control and interfere with others’ lives for I hate crossing boundaries. When you care with someone, you automatically and without thinking asked about the whereabouts of the person because you wanted to know and you just wanted to be involved with their lives. You may send random messages out of nowhere to let him know how you miss him so much and you’re thinking of him all the time. You do such sweet gestures because you want the person to know that you’re treating him more than a friend and he’s always special compared others. Yeah, I don’t send morning and late greetings to my friends for you’re always the number one in my heart. When you ask for their presence, it’s not because you’re demanding or dependent, it’s because his presence paints the rainbow in your life.
Indeed, it’s always like that your expressions of care and love is always misinterpreted. You tried moving away but there’s no escape for your love makes you dumb.

I hope God will hug me tonight to tell me that everything will be alright. The weather of life is not always sunny and this rainy season will just pass by. I hope if the sun will go up, Papa will congratulate me for surviving all the trials in life.
I am always wrong, I am never right
When I only want to ease your burden
I want to cheer you and not worry at all
Still everything I do is stupid and incorrect
What can I do? I’m just another foolish girl
I can’t stop this… I only love you more
I am even ready to prove to you how much I love you

Yeah, it’s always my mistake but still love you with all my body, mind, heart and soul.
I love you more… and more….


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