What Do You Expect from a Child?

“You think you already have what you wanted.   Think again.  You don’t know what you lose until it’s gone.  Take note, opportunities knock only once.  Just once…. You know that you have the chance…The choice is always yours!”

Boys love girls, what do you think?
Playfulness and inconsistencies
Forgetfulness and happy-go-lucky
How does dreams differ from aims?
What do you prefer and you choose?
Dreams are fantasies in the head
Aims are plans need some actions
Does a kid know how far are the stars?
Not falling to make wishes come true
Can a kid comprehend love’s essence?
What do you expect from a child?
Still asleep floating with the clouds

A fulfilled woman with a career
Educated, professional and skillful
Fairy tales have no space in her head
Her story books are already forgotten
Determined to attain her list of goals
Love exists only in movies and novels
Friendly, generous, kind and responsible
Her life’s sketches with ups and downs
Envious people and God’s challenges
There are more opportunities out there
She doesn’t quit for she is the champion
She’s awake on the highway of faith & hopes

Every man’s story is written by God
He’s all-knowing and He knows the end
Even if the woman detests the child
The author already inked their meeting
The woman complains but has no choice
The greatest lesson both must live by
Grow up and reevaluate all priorities
The woman portrayed the role of a fool
Is love worth a try in spite of the hurt?
A gift not shared and doesn’t blossom?
He’s just a kid with so many uncertainties
What do you expect from a child anyway?

30 October


I can’t let my life to turn upside down. I was never messed up and I can’t let people who trusted and knows me well disappointed. Of course, I am going to make it even if I failed for several times. Even if I hate this feeling and everyday I pray to take it away from my heart. It is never easy but with my personality, I can easily cope because I always look at the bright side of everything. It’s a lie if I would say I am alright. Yet, I will survive because there are so many people around me who values me so much. If he’ll forget about the 30th day of this month, the transaction I am going to make. Then, he disappointed and failed me as a client and friend. If he won’t make the call like he used to do, I’ll consider it that he never cared about the deal similar to what he always said.

Forgive me, if I will jump into conclusion that he is never truthful with his words and everything was uttered for the sake of talking. I don’t want to remind again because I trusted him but now I don’t know what to think. Likewise, it so happened that money matters are important to me. I believe he is a friend regardless of the gender and priorities. I’m just hoping he remained the same, so that I won’t be convinced with what others say that it’s all about money.  A friend told me, there are people who’ll do everything for the sake of money and they have they have so many strategies to do so  (samples cited are the following news: “click to read: sex for business scandal news and sexual gratification from women…).  In spite of what others’ say, I know and hope you’re different and true.  On the other hand, (a little side bit) those men in the news reputations are at stake.  Thus, be careful of the females you meet along the way (‘A Man’s Woman is His Downfal’l) and choose  to build your dreams and not lose everything you have started, my friend.  Regrets always come late….

I am not angry or in pain because life is always beautiful. Through this experience, I am able to reflect on my life and express creatively. The day will come that my income will increase. A lot of my students were asking, why I won’t get a car. It’s expensive and I don’t know how to drive. If ever I can afford it, my traumatic experience stops me from learning how to drive. I guess, I need someone who can drive for me (and drive me too. lol).

Looking forward to be on stage again. Well, it has been a long time since then. He won’t be around for the big show but I know Papa’s spirit will be there. I am rehearsing at home with my nieces and sister. One of my niece was excited and asked me if she could come and see me on stage. This is silly and humiliating but I will dare….  Haha. I’m badly broken but I know in my heart that someone will see that even if I’m thick skin still I needed a man who will lead me on.

Dreaming again.
Naughty! Naughty again!
Can’t keep you off from my head!
Fun Friday for you 😉
Good night!


by Boys like Girls ft with Taylor Swift “Two is Better than One”


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