Don’t Wake the Sleeping Dragon

It is only a legend, some old folktales
Her father was the greatest slayer
A bravery known by so many men
There was one unforgettable battle
He slayed an expectant mother
The dragon’s last angry words
“My kind will never be extinct
My son will unknowingly dwell
In the heart of your most beloved
Be warned not to make her weep
The sleeping dragon will rise!”
Her words gave chills into his spine

To the little angel on his arms
He avowed to her a joyful world
A wonderful place with no bitterness 
Before his last breath, he said
“My sweet baby angel, never allow
Sadness to dominate your heart
The pain will pass, be happy always!”

She’s a friendly, kind and jolly girl
Yet, there are witches out there
They took away everything from her
But, she never gave up on hope
A bright tomorrow of laughter

However, the worst has to come
Abused innocence and kindness
She only wished to purely love
Feelings were taken for granted
And so her wrath was so high
The flames came out of nowhere
A big sounding roar was heard
The dragon within was awakened
And so bloodshed was on the land

The miracle of love put out
The fire of her burning rage
The dragon within is asleep again
Be warned don’t make her a fool
If you are not true, go away!
Don’t wake the sleeping dragon
For her fury will be its strength
Stop all the lies & sarcasms
If she’ll keep on crying to bed
The dragon might hear her sorrow
It will escape and you’ll be sorry!

by Evanescence “My Immortal”


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