Good Night, My Love!

There’s a blank space on my bed
I can’t take you out of my head
Will you lend me your arms tonight?
Darling, I need a human blanket!

I’ll give you all my sweet kisses
Wipe away all your work’s crisis
Don’t be so naughty because I’m nice
Let’s do it once, or want to do it twice?

Come my love, the night is here!
You have the key to my door
Smell my perfume’s fragrance…
Oops, I can only have you in my dreams!


I don’t mind if you don’t dream of me… You know that I have a good imagination… a place where we just go wild…

Good night and tomorrow you’ll have all the luck!!!  I will never get tired of praying for  you!!!!

Published on: Oct 7, 2012 @ 23:38


3 thoughts on “Good Night, My Love!

    • Steven says:

      Love is… when you think of the other person more than you think about your self in a day.
      Love is… when you will give the shirt of your back and do not want anything in return.
      Love is… endless

      • Holgi says:

        When you feel love for a person you give everything and feel happy when you get a smile in return.
        This smile gets deep into your heart and you know it’s love.

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