Dash with the Wind

Of course, I’m not late for work and I already had my breakfast at home.  But, I still bun my hair because  I needed to rush a bit to work for I had morning obligations.  My mom told me when I left our place that I looked good with what I’m wearing today and when I reached school a number of my kids also said the same thing.  Well, I’m not a supermodel but I’m fine with what they said. I had a wonderful start which made me realized that so many people cared for me. Thus, a perfect two’s photograph cannot spoil my day. I’m so happy now and I’ll hold to that happiness.

During first lesson, I jokingly asked one of my kids that his bracelet matched with my attire.  He shyly gave it to me and I playfully tried it on.  Due to my clumsiness, I accidentally spoiled it when I was about to return it to him.  I promised him that I  would replace it, so  awhile ago I went to 77th Street to buy him a new one. 

The funny thing was I tied the spoiled bracelet with the bracelet I was wearing because I didn’t want to lose it.  But the spoiled one kept on coming off. Then, I found a way to stick it together with my bracelet.  My friend was impressed because she presumed that it was really part of my bracelet’s design.

“Something broken can be fixed and it will be beautiful again!”

Yeah, my fault again for not listening.  Take note, I should be watchful of my actions and words because these might be rude and offensive for others.  OMG,  I was terribly sorry because I unconsciously did some actions without thinking.  My boss was right when he scolded me, sometimes, I do things without thinking the consequences.  Well, though it was a failure trip to the bank, at least I had fun for a moment…. But, I felt guilty for wasting other people’s time… Me and my nonsense again… Hope, the gift will make him smile and take away his anger at me.   What’s for a lunch??? “I got a portion— but I paid for the whole!”  I don’t mind because it was my fault!

I’m not lying if I’ll say a simple thank you is something I’ll keep forever and means a lot to me.  I’m a shallow person, words mean a lot to me…  My kids were saying a lot and they had their conclusions… they wouldn’t believe me but I’m telling the truth—

Dash with the Wind

Take me away and elope with me!
Come let’s surf with the waves
Dive to the core of the ocean floor
Honey, let’s fly away to the moon!

Allow me to record every minute
Every second with you means a lot
Don’t want to let go with this moment
You still smell great under the heat!

A morning rocket ride with you
Is it full speed or am I scared!
Let me clasp you close to my chest
Not scared for I know that I’m safe!

In the wide highway we’re lost
We’ll get there and find our way
Can you hear my fast heartbeat?
No more fears for I am in good hands

There’s always danger on the road
Unpredictable and unexpected twists
No worries, let’s just dash with the wind
Good news, I’m not hurt only in love!

I promised myself that I will find you and I know I will!  In time, God will lead me the way.  I won’t ever get lost because I deserved the most wonderful person in the world.  I will endure this situation with a happy smile because God is only trying to challenge my desires and strength.  I know I will… I always know… the day will come for me!!! Lord, lead us to our hearts…xoxo…


Whether you believe it or not… it’s up to you!

I will close my eyes and dream of YOU and ONLY YOU!

by Carol Banawa “Bakit Di Totohanin?”

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