The Knight without Armor

Richard with green necktie Painting - Menq Tsai


I’m not a damsel in distress for I am another lady waiting for your caress.  You don’t have to ride on a stallion, just be yourself.  Anyway, I’m not a princess or a duchess; so, my expectations and standards are not beyond your qualifications. I’m just one simple, ordinary and unknown woman that you happened to be acquainted.

You don’t need a squire or flashy weapons in order to impress me.  For you are already beautiful just being yourself. Does it matter whatever the size of your sword? As long as you can save me from loneliness and longings.  Come on, you’re mistaken if you presumed you’re ordinary because for my own loving opinion you’re absolutely spectacular.

Where are you now? I miss your voice and your smile.  My knight even if you’re without armor, I know you’re strong enough to shield my fears.  Hmmn.. you’re the knight without armor but you’re hot enough to melt my heart.  Well, can’t wait to feel you’re muscular arms and chest.  Indeed, you’re a knight who shines in my darkness and lights up my world.  Can I just listen and talk to you? If only my dreams can fly to my reality, then I’ll have you and you belong with me.


“Every Man Can be a Knight in Shining Armor”

yOU knOW… i LUV u MoRe

without doubts and questions in your heart…

by One Direction “What Makes You Beautiful”

“Don’t wait for Prince Charming, because he’s too lazy to leave his castle. Wait for your Knight in Shining Armor who will fight for you.”

~Virginia Madsen~

I’ve always supported myself. I like the sense of knowing exactly where I stand financially, but there is a side of me that longs for a knight in shining armor.

~Barbara Feldon~


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