A Blessed Prayer from My Sis

My sister arrived almost 9 pm this evening for she attended the National Singles For Christ Conference.  Then, she gave me this daily prayer (and also to our youngest brother) and she told me the Lord will blessed me with my heart desires and my prayer will be answered; yet, I must be more patient.  She relayed to me the inspiring story of Jimmy (which she learned from the speaker of the seminar who was a local nun).

Jimmy’s prayer: “God, Jimmy is here”

Once there was a five year old newspaper boy named Jimmy.  He never attended school, so he couldn’t read or write.  He couldn’t even articulate his own  prayers very well.  Likewise, this didn’t hinder Jimmy from going to church everyday.  He went to church every morning before selling his newspapers.  After his job was done, every evening, he also went to church and talked to God.  His prayers for both morning and night were the same and simple.  He only said innocently to God with one phrase, “God, Jimmy is here!” and went off.

Few months later due to poor condition, Jimmy was sick with leukemia.  Since his family couldn’t afford for his treatment, he died so soon. 

Then, Jimmy went to heaven and God greeted him with a smile.  God told him,

Jimmy, God is here!.


      No matter how simple our prayers, as long as it is rooted from our hearts and we believe in His presence, God will never abandon us.  God is always there for us from the very beginning and He answers our prayers in His time that is only rightful for each and every one.  At times, we possibly think, He can’t hear us.  But the truth,  He is always there and never left our sides until the end.  God’s work is beyond our understanding.  Thus, we should stand still and accept graciously all the ups and downs in our lives.

I’m really grateful to my sister for always remembering me.  She is truly a wonderful person that I will always love forever.  In spite of our differences and struggles, we remained at each others’ sides through the years.  I love you sis and thanks for the prayers.


U know that I always pray for U too!

“Here I Am Lord”

“Draw Me Close to You”


You know, I won’t get tired of saying

Luv u more 😉


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