The Deception Curse by the Raggedy Doll

“Anubis, unlock the door of the underworld

Bring along that wicked boy named Little Johnny

In hell where he deserves and he’ll burn to the bones

That bastard is expert in crafting the art of lying

Born without a heart and quick in deceiving kids 

Little Jane, how it fractures me seeing you so weak! 

Grab a handkerchief and wipe away all your tears

A greatest fall will happen to such ridiculous boy 

Little Jane, weep no more for I’m alright

Even if Little Johnny toss me like a trash

He cannot ruin the inner strength of my soul

Little Jane, why were you blinded with his lies?

How dare him to make a fool of your kindness?

A pretentious friend who ought to suffer more 

Is he going anywhere when he can’t reach his dreams?

I might be a Raggedy Doll but I can feel how much it hurts

Though I have no voice, my wrath is etched in my spirit

Little Jane, I can’t avenge for you and  my curse is true!”

“O, my beloved Raggedy Doll! Look at you!

My, my, what Little Johnny has done this time?

O, my Raggedy Doll, why your eyes so hollow?

I beg you not to let your angst darken your being

Little Johnny means no harm and he’s an angel

It’s untrue that he is one of Satan’s sons for he was our pal

Remember the fun and happy days when we played with him

Weren’t his colorful tales enjoyable that made us laugh?

Mama & Papa said never curse for it is a sin against God

Don’t surrender and allow yourself to be controlled by the devil

Raggedy Doll, I can clean and mend you so that you’ll heal

Little Johnny is my good friend and forever he’s special”

“My sweet Little Jane, why are you so quick in forgiving?

Little Johnny will pay the prize of being  a stupid jerk

How can he betray you and put your dignity at stake?

He must be Judas’ kin and he won’t get away with it!”

“O, my Raggedy Doll, please stop with this nonsense

I don’t desire any misfortune to befall at Little Johnny

 I pray to God that you’ll learn to forgive and forget

He’s back to an old playmate but still he’s always my friend”


Note that this poem is not all about the curse or a girl cursing someone who made her cry.  But, this is all about how anyone naturally feel or react when being directly or indirectly disappointed and failed by others.   Little Jane and the raggedy doll represent the positive and negative feelings and thoughts within every person towards someone in such unlikely situation.  In every person, unconsciously good and evil exist.  Yet, the child within us that is always forgiving, pure and understanding will always prevail.  We should not choose to live in hatred because in darkness we’ll never find true happiness.


by Philippa Hanna “Raggedy Doll”

T. Lewis and R.K. Harrison inform us:
When a curse is pronounced against any person we are not to understand this as a mere wish, however violent, that disaster should overtake the person in question, any more than we are to understand that a corresponding “blessing” conveys simply a wish that prosperity should be the lot of the person on whom the blessing is involved. A curse was considered to possess an inherent power of carrying itself into effect… Such curses [and blessings] possessed the power of self-realization. 

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