Silent Tears

My friend said, “I’m not playing, this all but children’s game”

She doesn’t want to take another girl’s precious toy

The more she denies it… My dear friend can’t you see?

There’s no escape, you’re trap in the midst of uncertainties

Be courageous, this is no place for the weak-spirited!

A gamble with high stakes of losing rather than winning

🙂 *** 😉

“I’m a grown up woman, big girls don’t cry”, my friend added

Yet, when the lights are out and when the world is asleep

Hiding in the darkness, pondering what she has done wrong

What did she do to deserve such unkindness and deception?

No matter how she conditions her mind not to feel the pain

Her shattered heart bleeds and there goes her silent tears…

🙂 *** 😉

What do you know, when you refused to give her a chance?

My jolly friend always smiles but inside her, the injuries are deep

When she turns her back, she can never control her tears

Although she’s high-spirited, she wets her pillows with sadness

She continues to love and never quits, no matter how hard it is

Don’t worry my friend, you’re not alone and God is in your side

Someone will come and you’ll fulfill your own happy-ending

🙂 *** 😉

(No matter how painful, I will go on trusting my heart.  Always giving and expecting nothing in return.  I will just bear in mind that it is part of fulfilling my life’s journey.  No matter what happens, I won’t stop dreaming and go on with my ambitions.  In time, someone will see how valuable I am…. There are so many flowers in the garden but he’ll pick me as the best.  I will never fail him and always be there for him even at the worst times of his life).

Fergie “Big Girls Don’t Cry”


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