Hurricane Stinson-Mosby

How I Met Your Mother: Season 7, Episode 11 “The Rebound Girl”

Ted and Barney get the idea that they should team up to adopt a baby together since they’re both single and won’t be starting families any time soon. Marshall and Lily decide they want to move to Lily’s grandparents’ house on Long Island, and Robin is very upset that they might be leaving New York. For Thanksgiving, everyone goes to the Long Island house, where Robin locks herself in the bathroom to protest Lily and Marshall’s move and Barney shows up with a baby (that turns out to belong to his brother James). After Barney gives back his temporary baby, Robin tells him that she’s pregnant.


While Ted does enjoy their brief moment of stardom when every hot woman in the neighborhood flocks to their baby on the street, he knows this whole idea is a mistake. And when Barney’s brother James shows up with his partner and their other child, we quickly learn that little “Hurricane Stinson-Mosby” is actually baby Sadie. Ted also gets some advice from James, who knows what it is like to want to be a father but not have the opportunity.  Ted learns it is worth the wait


Neil Patrick Harris known as  “Barney Stinson” with his twins, Harper Grace and Gideon Scott.  And also together with his partner, David Burtka

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