Here I Go Again

My apologies for looking at your profile.  You’re just too to cute… so don’t blame me!  Don’t worry if I read it all because it’s your fault to display it to the public.   I’m not prying on your privacy, I just want to keep track with your life.  Nothing to be concerned of since I only keep the secret to myself.

I really detest of logging in because I will only end up in your page.  Then, the next thing I know I’m reading every line you wrote.  Great! I’m being a nosy old freak… Blame me for adding you and blame yourself for accepting me.  If only you know me more and I know you too.  Life won’t be a circus but a ride in the merry-go-round.

Hey, your writings are not bad and you don’t mix it with so many nonsense like others usually do.  They’re written according to the universal grammar rules.  Let’s us say, it’s something I can comprehend.  You know that I’m such a dummy.  I like you a lot and hope God will tell you that in your dreams tonight…. and hoping you’ll find it in your heart too.


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