You’re Always My Ranma

I avowed to heavens but I foolishly couldn’t let go. Your cute smile always kept on coming back to me. It is glued in my heart and I don’t have enough will to throw such wonderful image in my head. Wishing for the impossible again. You just mentioned that it was the last time that you would step in that wonderful place where I first met you. Probably, the secret will remain unknown to anyone. No one will uncover the name I kept in my heart— the object of my affection.
If I could turn back time still I would be acting the same because that should be the proper way and what was expected from me. It’s truly hard to do something bad when you’re forced to be the role model. I am not ignoring you, it was just the way it should be… I was not scared, only we were not acquainted. But, thanks to your presence because it made me feel alright and dream again. You’re just my Ranma, not half man and half girl… but half real and half a dream…. half a boy and half a man… Just love you for whatever you are… I won’t be seeing you again and don’t worry I won’t be stalking you… You’ll have a special space in my heart and in my memory. Too bad, I won’t see you perhaps I will just miss you forever. Don’t worry about those people they’re just bunch of jealous jerks. Ignore them. Just keep on smiling… You’re so cute to be true!


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