In this humongous planet

Splendid sunrise and sunset

Get connected through Internet

Don’t become a hi-tech puppet!


Here and now, new discoveries

The once empty simple scenarios

Currently has buildings and factories

Mixed with chaos and miseries


Zillion people always on the go

Man is glued to money and his ego

Forgetting life is a dance like tango

Follow its sad, bold and complex tempo


Do modern parents really know

How their liberated children grow?

Cultures, values and moralities are low

Despised rules for they refused to follow


Does a teen nowadays comprehends

The brilliance of nature and its godsends?

Merriment is in new gadgets and trends

A vulnerable prey to harmful online friends


True love and the art of courtship

Kept in Shakespeare’s workmanship

No more spirit and essence of friendship

Feeble offspring can’t withstand hardship


Trap with age and fear of wrong actions

Colliding maxims of different generations

Zero possibilities of authentic affections

Yet secrets formed in spite of cautions


The great river never stops on flowing

The earth is always revolving and rotating

Aim for the bright star, continue on moving

This must end now for time keeps on rolling


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